Friday, February 27, 2009

A Sigh of Relief....sort of

So yesterday I finally turned in my application for nursing school -- only 2 days before the deadline! Whew! I was worried I wouldn't have all my immunizations done in time, but when I found my shot record I realized I've had shots that I don't even remember getting. Yay! My application is in and I've already taken the entrance exam, so now I can breathe a big sigh of relief...sort of. I have to wait til May to find out if they've accepted me into the program or not. That's a long time to wait for something so important! I'll try not to let myself worry too much about it though. Its out of my hands!


  1. Congratulations sweetie! I'm sure it will work out! I'm excited for you to get to go and see Shaun!

  2. Thanks mama Brown! :) And I am also totally excited to go visit Shaun! I may not want to come back home, haha. ;)